Family Inspired

It all started in our kitchen at home. Mama Lan cooking up family recipes, while calling for less standing around and more doing. It was then that we decided we had to share—not just the food. The experience.

So, we opened up shop in 2003 with the mission to deliver the same authentic cuisine at a price people could afford. Over the past ten years, the ingredients have evolved but the dishes still tell a story. In fact, most things are just the way they were at home. We’re just cooking for a bigger family now.

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Our Vision

We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our friends, family, and crew, by promoting sustainability, supporting the local community, and exercising social responsibility in everything we do.

we care & we give back

BAMBUZA believes healthy food starts with a healthy community.  We partner with local schools to advance educational opportunity and non-profit organizations to help those in need locally and abroad.  We are proud to support the Good Neighbor Center through holiday donations and fundraising events - to learn more visit

 Bambuza is proud to support the Good Neighbor Center

Bambuza is proud to support the Good Neighbor Center


The name "Bambuza" pays homage to the symbolic nature of the bamboo plant found throughout Vietnam.


For centuries bamboo has come to represent the virtues of integrity, stewardship and community.

Today, Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen has rightfully adopted these virtues as our own core values.